Mission & Values

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

Calvary Church exists to help people grow to be fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. This is a life long commitment and each of us is at a different stage in our journey. In our church family we encourage each other to model the life of Jesus in four distinct ways. Meet God, Know God, Serve Others, and Build Others are the steps taken to become more like Christ. 

The Values

These core values are helpful motivators to keep each of our ministries purposeful in kingdom building.

Lost people matter to God therefore they must matter to us.
This value reminds us that Jesus came to reach the lost. Therefore, as believers, we must care enough to go and share the Gospel.

Believers grow as they are taught to obey truth at their level of understanding. 
This value reminds us that one size teaching does not fit all. The Christian life is a complex journey. Calvary must offer teaching for all levels of Christians, whether brand new or seasoned in their faith.

Deep relationships and life-changing growth occurs best in small groups. 
This value elevates the relational closeness, safety, and trust that can be created in a healthy small group environment.

Worshiping God will remain Biblically sound and culturally relevant. 
This value speaks of our commitment to teach God's Word. Our purpose is to vary service formats in order to engage all generations in worship.
Ministry is best accomplished through teams. 
This value reminds us that we were created to serve God. Believers are blessed with gifts and talents. As one gifted person joins with other gifted people, it energizes, encourages, and moves ministry forward.

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